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Rio Rodeo

Risk Assessment

Please be advised all participants must abide by the following rules and will have to sign a copy of the disclaimer notice provided before using the equipment:

1. You MUST NOT ride the multi-ride if you suffer from any of the following:

• back problems
• epilepsy
• motion sickness
• ailments that may be aggravated by the motion of the ride

2. You MUST NOT ride the multi-ride if you are:
• pregnant
• under the influence of drugs or alcohol

(in certain circumstances the operator has the right to refuse admittance to the ride and the operator’s decision is always final)

3. Please remove footwear and any sharp items of jewellery, eyewear etc.
4. The rider must sit over the centre of the unit.
5. Do NOT use the rubber horns and ears as grab handles.
6. Do NOT ride on or hang on to the Bulls neck.
7. Do NOT sit on or around the inflatable.